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gas extinguishing systemWelcome to visitFujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Cabinet automatic gas fire extinguishing system (single bottle)   

Cabinet automatic gas fire extinguishing system (single bott


Fire extinguishing equipment without network is suitable for small space of protection area. For larger space, several sets of fire extinguishing equipment without network could be used together. This device can be connected with fire protection control center.

There are 3 kinds of starting modes: automatic starting, manual starting and mechanical emergency manual operation.



Technical parameters

electromagnetic starting mode

Name of parameter Performance index
Model GQQ(40-180)/2.5 GQQ(40-180)×2/2.5
Environmental specification 溫度0℃-+50℃; relative temperature ≯97%
Maximum working pressure of system(+50℃) 4.2Mpa
Storage pressure of fire extinguishing agent(+20℃) 2.5Mpa
Storage volume of fire extinguishing agent(L) 40, 70, 90, 100, 120, 150, 160, 180
Browing time of fire extinguishing agent(S) 8-10
Working power supply of electric driver DC24V, 1.5A
Starting mode automatic, manual, emergency manual operation
Tank type valve actuating device driving gas, nitrogen gas, charging pressure; 6Mpa
Manual operating force ≤50N
Installation height of selector valve ≤1200mm
Maximum single protection area 500m2
Maximum single protection volume 1600m3


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