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Hanged hfc-227ea fire extinguishing apparatus   

Hanged hfc-227ea fire extinguishing apparatus


Hanged hfc-227ea fire extinguishing apparatus is composed by storage container of fire extinguishing agent, starting releasing component, hanged stand. It has advantages of complete specification, beautiful appearance, flexible installation, high stability and accuracy and convenient for maintenance.

It is mainly applied in computer room, communication computer room, electric transducer, test center, electrical substation, precise instrument, physicochemical laboratory, oil depot, storage tank of other inflammable oils, warehouse of chemicals and books & database.


Technical parameters:


Item Performance parameter
Model XQQW10/1.6    XQQW20/1.6 XQQW30/1.6
Application mode total flooding
Environmental specification temperature 0-+50℃; relative temperature ≤97%
Designed pressure of system maximum working pressure 2.5MPa
Storage pressure of fire extinguishing agent(20℃) 1.6MPa
Storage volume of fire extinguishing agent 10L 20L 30L
Maximum filling density of fire extinguishing agent (20℃) 1150kg/m3
Browing time of fire extinguishing agent ≤10s
Operating temperature of temperature-sensing element 68℃


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